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Riyad Tayim, MD, MS

Specialty: General Surgery

Hospital Affiliation: Kettering Medical Center, Troy Hospital

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Riyad J Tayim, MD, MS  
is a highly-skilled general surgeon at Kettering Physician Network. He earned a doctor of medicine degree from Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine where he later completed the residency program. During his time at Wright State University, he earned countless committee nominations and was ultimately appointed and elected for many leadership roles. 

General surgery, robotic surgery, minimally invasive surgery, colon surgery, hernia surgery, breast surgery, advanced laparoscopic surgery

Each patient presents with their own unique concerns, needs and goals with respect to their surgical care. My philosophy is to provide an individualized approach to each patient, addressing all concerns and questions with compassion, patience and understanding, detailing care plans and surgical procedures in a clear and transparent manner, and offering each patient exceptional, personalized surgical care from diagnosis to postsurgical follow up and beyond. Each patient deserves the best surgical care, and each patient deserves my individualized attention and energy, and I am excited and honored to provide this dedicated service to the patients that I serve and care for.  

I have a lovely wife and a child on the way. I enjoy woodworking, gardening, cooking, baking and the art of brewing coffee and tea. I enjoy anything active that involves teamwork, especially outdoor sports, most notably rowing, sailing and golfing, and I enjoy reading for pleasure. I am a biomedical engineer by initial training, and I have a strong interest in making a difference in the global surgery landscape as well as strengthening our healthcare system here at home. I enjoy a wide range of music, and I personally play the violin.  



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