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Irshad Hussain, MD

Irshad Hussain, MD has been serving the greater Dayton area since 2001. Dr. Hussain received his training at a number of locations including a fellowship in cardiology at Henry Ford Hospital and a residency in internal medicine in Arkansas.
Dr. Hussain is passionate about promoting patient health and his commitment to patient care Mirrors the Network’s mission to promote a healthy lifestyle for the people we serve.

2000, Fellow in Cardiology, Henry Ford Hospital
Detroit, Michigan
1996, Resident in Internal Medicine,
Little Rock, Arkansas
1994, Registrar in Transplant Medicine, Harefield Hospital
Meddlesex, UK
1993, SHO in Cardiology, Victoria Hospital
Blackpool, UK
1991, Resident Internal Medicine, James Paget Hospital
Preston Hospital, UK
1988, Internal Medicine and CICU, St. Isbael’s Hospital
Madras India

2000, ACC/AHA

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