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Jan 14 2015
Flexibility Fit (Cancer) Session 1: Jan 14-Mar 25: Session 1: January 14 through March 25, 2015 on the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the month 5:15 to 6PM Join exercise physiologist, Kimberly J. Smith, from Health Outreach for this specially designed flexibility class to increase strength, range of motion, endurance, balance, and functional progress. This program can improve muscle tone, posture and flexibility, prevent injuries, and relieve stress. Please bring a fitness mat or towel for each class. Free, registration is recommended. Kettering Cancer Care 855-500-CURE (2873).

Jan 27 2015
Wellsprings of Hope Session 1: Jan 27 to Mar 17: 6:30 PM Session 1 (2015) every Tuesday x 8 weeks, January 27 to March 17. A Free Program for your Mind, Body, & Spirit. Valuable tips on exercise and nutrition, as well as educational information and prayer, as we equip you to fight your cancer. Registration is recommended. Please call Kettering Cancer Care 1- 855-500-CURE (2873) to register. For more information, call Karen Wonders, Maple Tree Alliance 477-8213

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