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Buterbaugh Alicia RD
Alicia Buterbaugh RD
Diabetes Management
Bricker Lee PA-C
Lee Bricker PA-C
Primary Care
Pearson Daniel MD
Daniel Pearson MD
Critical Care
Brown Heather RDN
Heather Brown RDN
Diabetes Management
Arora Amit MD
Amit Arora MD
Cardiothoracic Surgery
Neravetla Surender MD
Surender Neravetla MD
Cardiothoracic Surgery
Galusha Andrew MD
Andrew Galusha MD
General Surgery
Egnaczyk Greg MD
Greg Egnaczyk MD
Advanced Heart Failure
Kall Trisha APRN-FNP
Trisha Kall APRN-FNP
Hospital Medicine
Lipsky Amanda APRN-CNP
Amanda Lipsky APRN-CNP
Bariatric Surgery
O'Brien Thomas MD
Thomas O'Brien MD
Advanced Heart Failure


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Kettering Physician Events 2017


Dr. Jeffrey B. Gleick,
First off, I would like to state that I am 24 years old and very soon to be 25, and for 4 years prior to my 24th birthday, I felt old. I was tired, couldn't drop a single pound, ached, and just felt terrible all the time. My hair was thinner, my skin dry and broken out and I more or less always felt down, drained, and empty. The doctor I was seeing before, more or less just blamed all those things on being overweight and having low iron. Well I tried to fix both, and for 2 long depressing years nothing I did made a difference. That doctor left the office and then I came in and met Dr. Gleick and explained all my troubles. I found out, that the reason I felt all these issues, and never felt rested even after a good range of 8 to 13 hours of sleep, was because of my thyroid. I have hypothyroidism. A very serious condition if left untreated, besides the problems I listed above, this disease can kill fertility, causing infertility and a struggle for later. Eventually you can even shut down, you can get cancer, and at 24 who wants to live and worry about that? Dr. Gleick changed that, he changed my life and I haven't felt this good in a very long time. We work together, and my concerns are met with optimism instead of criticism because I always do my best and this man cared when no one else would. I have a future again, energy to do things, my body is functioning like it should be and I'm making progress. I cried that day because he listened and didn't make me feel like I was just crazy and fat. I will always be thankful to this man for taking me serious and actually listening to my concern, because if he hadn't, I'd still be in bad shape if not worse by now. Thank you a thousand times over Dr. Gleick. I know with a physician as attentive as you are, I'll reach my health goals one by one and this thyroid won't be my prison. God bless you and I hope you see how APPRECIATED you really are.
~ Sarah ~
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